• "THE KINGs Creole"

Developed in the Louisiana Bayou to ward off Alligators and mosquito's, "THE KING" of BBQ's Created the finest Cajun Seasoning ever!  It is so Good that Shrimp, Craw-fish & Blue Crab were seen jumping out of the water looking for the opportunity  to jump into a huge pot of Boiling water, flavored with "THE KING'S Creole"!  Also Great for Blackening fish and Chicken on the Grill.  After just one Taste of this Spicetacular Seasoning There will be no reason to be singing the blues. Shake "THE KING's CREOLE" til its Gone-Gone-Gone! A special blend of salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, bay leaves, sugar, onion, garlic and silicone dioxide (to prevent caking). - 3.1 oz

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"THE KINGs Creole"

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