• "THE KING" of BBQs "Rub Me Tender"


    "Rub Me Tender" - This Seasoning started it all!  Possibly the Best Steak seasoning ever created.  Oozing with flavors of garlic, onion and special chili peppers and Lordy...Celery seeds!  Also excellent on smoked chicken, whitefish, potatoes, eggs, roasted veggies,.... Especially those Baby Carrots!! (Don't forget your favorite olive oil for those veggies) 

    "RUB ME TENDER" - Makes your Meals Complete. 

    Made in Sunny Tucson, Arizona  

     A special blend of kosher sea salt, coarse black pepper, onion, garlic, chili peppers, lemon, tumeric, paprika and celery seed, - 4 oz


    No MSG, No Gluten, No Fat, No Calories